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  Fluorescent whitening agent is a fluorescent dye, or white dye, and also a complex organic compound. The characteristic of fluorescent whitening agent is that it can stimulate the incident light to produce fluorescence, and make the dyed substance obtain the fluorescent effect similar to that of fluorite, so that the substance seen by the naked eye is very white and achieve the whitening effect.
  Fabrics used to be yellow because of the color impurities. In the past, chemical bleaching was used to decolorize them. Now, fluorescent brighteners are added to the fabrics to complement the original yellow radiation into white light and improve the whiteness of the products under sunlight. Bleaching agent has been widely used in acrylic fiber spinning, textiles, paper making, laundry powder, soap, rubber, plastic products, pigments and paints. Generally, fluorescent whitening agents are divided into two categories, one is water-soluble whitening agents, the other is water-insoluble whitening agents. The former can be used as brighteners for paper, paint, detergent and cotton fabrics. Another kind can be used for whitening chemical fibers, plastics, etc.
  As early as 2013, five of the six workbooks in Beijing were found to contain fluorescent whitening agents. Not only that, our clothes, lipsticks, washing powder, sanitary napkins, clothes, plastic lunch boxes contain fluorescent agents.
  In our daily life, we have many opportunities to contact fluorescent whiteners. As long as it does not exceed a certain standard, it will not bring trouble to our life.
  Fluorescent Whitener-Understanding and Detection有的荧光剂已确定十分有害,例如多氯联苯类,化学性质相当稳定,进人人体后易被吸收,并积存起来,很难排出体外。动物毒性试验表明它具有致畸变、致癌的作用。如果人体内多氯联苯的储存量达0.5g~2g时就会引起中毒。
  Some fluorescent agents have been identified as very harmful, such as polychlorinated biphenyls, which are chemically stable and easily absorbed into the human body and accumulated, making it difficult to discharge them from the body. Animal toxicity test showed that it had teratogenic and carcinogenic effects. If the storage of PCBs in human body reaches 0.5g~2g, it will cause poisoning.
  It seems that we can't reach a unified conclusion for the time being, so let's assume that fluorescent agents are safe. Especially those fluorescent agents that do not migrate to human body, especially those used in paper and textile industries. Fabric, paper, walls, furniture, household goods, stationery, etc. Because they have been solidified in the corresponding objects, can not wash out, will not transfer to the skin, let alone be absorbed by the digestive tract. It is also licensed by various industrial standards. We don't need to worry about the fluorescent agents in it - so don't be a vegetable soldier.
  The question arises: In that case, what's the point of checking and identifying fluorescent agents?
  If fluorescent agents are safe, harmless, and even beneficial everywhere, it is also valuable to identify fluorescent whiteners on cosmetics, sanitary napkins and paper towels.
  First, as far as cosmetics are concerned, fluorescent whitening agents should be added, at least on the ingredient list. Unfortunately, at present, we have tested facial mask and cream with fluorescent agents. No one has done this. You can't find the shadow of fluorescent agent at all. As consumers, they can choose products with fluorescent agents, but they should also be informed, let alone regulate this requirement.
  Many of these products are very expensive, and they all talk about how powerful they are. 1200块钱买50ml含荧光剂的身体美白泥,你要是觉得不冤,那确实——辨认荧光剂没有什么意义。

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